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First private distillery

“Damascena” is the first private distillery for the production of rose oil in Bulgaria. Established in 1991, it is located in the pretty little village of Skobelevo, located at the foot of Stara Planina, where the extensive rose gardens near the village have merged into one with the majestic beauty of the Balkans. Today “Damascena” EOOD is a leader in the production of Bulgarian rose oil

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Ethnographic complex

Over the years, and on the basis of the accumulated experience, we had the idea to make our country’s traditional production of Bulgarian rose oil known to more people. With great enthusiasm and inspiration, we built our own  ethnographic complex,  where the spirit of old traditions and the magic and beauty of modern rose production are uniquely intertwined.

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Our factory

Damascena Ltd. has a modern production base located in the village of Skobelevo, commune. Pavel bania. The production base has modern production lines and machines for the production of cosmetic products with a large capacity. A large part of the raw materials that are used in the production base are products from the Damascena distillery. In the production base there is also a laboratory where analyzes and control of cosmetic products are carried out.

Our roses fields

Damascena Ltd. owns rose fields located on the territory of the village of Skobelevo, from which rose oil, rose absolute and rose water are produced every year. The company also owns other massifs planted with essential oil crops, which it processes. Damascena grows its roses in the valley of the Thracian kings using ancient methods.

Our Composition

Damascena Ltd. owns two modern warehouses. One warehouse base is located next to the production premises in the village of Skobelevo, and the other is located in the town of Kazanlak. Warehouses have a large capacity for product storage. The latest technologies are used to control every single product in the warehouses. We have our own transport for forwarding, and we also use the services of couriers.

Our labs

Damascena has
two laboratories, one of which is located in the production factory in the village of Skobelevo, and the other is in the warehouse in Kazanlak.
Our laboratories test all kinds of essential oils and thus we give a very high quality to our products. Quality and control for our production are the most important factors that we guarantee with our modernized laboratories.


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